Is Single Origin Coffee really better?

The challenge for importing coffee has always been the authenticity of the bean and when you taste something really good, how do you know which farm produced such a superior taste? 

To resolve this, importers have worked closely with coffee farms to separate the processes to help identify the individual farms and lots where the coffee is produced. 

There are different ways farms produce their coffee. The larger farms will have millions of pounds of coffee grouped together and there is no way to identify the coffees origin. The smaller farms may lack the resources to wash and dry the coffee as well as remove the husks. To process the coffee these small farms (many times a families small backyard) will bring their coffee beans to a local washing and processing plant. The medium is where its a smaller farm, but large enough to wash their own coffee.

As with many small businesses there is the need to do things unique in order to stand out. The farmers will plant additional crops on their land to help infuse the coffee beans with exotic tastes. They generally will follow more organic practices and perhaps even bio-dynamic practices to ensure their crop is a top cup of coffee. 

Ultimately it is the fact that the coffee is coming from a single origin which allows us to identify it, by name, and trace its quality back to the farmer and their plot of land. 

If the coffee cups well, you know where you can get more of this great tasting coffee - the exact location, the type of trees and their farming techniques. From there its up to the roaster and a quality roast as well as your brewing skills. 

The Chosen Bean only uses single origin coffees including in our blends to ensure a quality cup of coffee.