Cold Brew

Welcome to our cold brew information page.

Cold brewing at home is a process of trial and error and coming up with your own recipe is very common. Here we provide you with some techniques to making your cold brew taste delicious at home.

  • Does cold brew need to be brewed cold? Room temperature is fine.
  • How many hours should I leave my coffee in the water for? Anywhere between 18-24 is ideal.
  • What ratio of coffee grinds to cold brew should I use? It really depends on the device you are using. You can easily use a mason jar or French Press to make cold brew. For a 24oz French press, we would suggest 4oz coffee (1/3 of a 12oz bag) and fill the whole press with water. This will create a nice concentrate which can then be diluted using a 1/1 or 1/2 ration of cold brew to water. 
  • What type of grind should I use to make cold brew? Extremely coarse - on our website we have a cold brew option, which we will use our specially designed cold brew, extra coarse grind for your coffee.
  •  For filtering the coffee grinds, do you have any suggestions if I am not using a specially designed device? Yes, you can use a regular strainer and some paper towels. That should do the trick.