About Us




Our promise behind every bean lies in our name: Chosen.

Chosen for the experiences they create.

Chosen for the ideas they inspire.

Chosen for the stories they help us tell.

We love the coffee we create. We hope you love it too. 


A little bit about us.


Only the highest quality beans make it into The Chosen Bean bag. Our roastmasters sort through hundreds of samples from farms across the world, ensuring only the best quality beans are put into your bag.



Roasting coffee in small batches ensures the closest attention is paid to each individual bean. Taste the difference in each cup with beans that were roasted under the watchful eye of The Chosen Bean roastmasters.



Every bean in The Chosen Bean bag is certified organic and fair trade. Our support of small, local farmers helps grow the local economy and develop important community infrastructure.



Storytelling is at the heart of the human experience; coffee is the portal to those stories. A reflective moment in the morning. A memorable conversation with a friend. An all-night passion project. These stories begin with coffee. These stories begin with The Chosen Bean.