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Origin: Brazil Minas Gerais around the city of Campos Altos, in the Protected Geographical Region known as the Cerrado Mineiro.

ROAST: Medium (chart below)

Body: Rounded

Acidity: Intense

Process: Natural

Taste Notes: Exotic and unique, sweet, fruity, floral, berries, banana, chiclet gum.

Variety: Red Bourbon

Farm: Serrinha


Aroma – 8.75, Flavor – 8.75, Acidity – 8.5, Body – 8.5, Residual Aftertaste – 8.5, Uniformity – 10,

Clean Cup – 10, Sweetness – 10 Balance – 8.5, Overall – 8.5, TOTAL - 90


OURCOFFEES is a family-run, Seed-to-Crop Brazilian Specialty Coffee business which is synonymous with Great Taste and Quality. Our farms are located in the State of Minas Gerais around the city of Campos Altos, in the Protected Geographical Region known as the Cerrado Mineiro.

In their own words
Our mountainous terrain and stable, sunny climate make for near-perfect growing conditions for coffee and flora. Elevations at the farms range between 1000 and 1200 meters above sea level.

We use a rigorous quality control system and cutting-edge technology from seedling selection and development through to the final processing and lot preparation. You will taste the results of our persistence in the cup!

OURCOFFEES is a family business that goes from the production farms coffee up to the distributions of grains abroad.

OURCOFFEES emerged from the need to preserve the origin and history of coffee producers, and to better compensate them by fairly distributing the earnings.

OURCOFFEES main commitment is to connect roasters, who value history, the preservation of origin and micro-lots to the coffee producers without intermediates.


Our mission is to preserve and promote the origin and history of coffee producers, and to fairly distribute profits to better compensate the producers.


OURCOFFEES comes from "OUR", "OUR" coffees from the seedling to the consumer, "OUR" commitment, "OUR" partnership, believing that together we can get far. Together, "We", producers, roasters and consumers, form a beneficial alliance, this is OURCOFFEES.


QUALITY: OURCOFFEES begins the quality process on the field, with intensive training on the selection of seedling up until the harvest and preparation. We invest in a high-tech equipment in order to select the best quality for the selection coffee beans. After this process, the coffees are sorted based on its intrinsic drinking characteristics and are monitored until arrival in warehouses located close to the roasters.


TRACEABILITY: OURCOFFEES treats traceability as a bidirectional process, where not only the coffee buyers know the coffee's origin and the history of who produced it, but also the producers know where their coffees are being consumed.


CONNECTIVITY: OURCOFFEES is a program based on relationships and commitments between producers and roasters, where mutual respect and fair sharing of profits will lead to benefits for everyone involved in the process. This relationship and commitment between producers and roasters is as important as a good coffee.


SUSTAINABILITY: OURCOFFEES is involved in the whole process, and is concerned with the preservation of the environment certification of their farms, tradition of its products and cares about its employees.


The Cerrado Mineiro is a high-quality coffee region – the only one in Brazil certified “Protected Geographical Indication.” The region consists of 55 districts located in the northwest of Minas Gerais State with over 4,500 growers.

The coffee world is growing and changing, directly influenced by more conscientious and demanding consumers. A new coffee world is emerging – with new markets and consumers that demand a new attitude, new ways of thinking and acting, and new ways of producing and trading to achieve value and recognition.

We believe that the Cerrado Mineiro Region has great potential; therefore we are in a mission to prepare ourselves for this big challenge: "Turning the Cerrado Mineiro Region into a reference of attitude for the new coffee world regarding producers, the region, and its products".


Our product is singular, because it’s produced in a singular area. Having well-defined seasons - a hot, wet summer and a pleasantly dry winter - is a strong characteristic of the region. The coffee plantations are cultivated in areas with altitudes varying between 800 and 1,300 meters, the result being high quality coffees with a unique/singular identity.

"Exotic" characteristics, due to micro-regions, varietals and differentiated processing.

These coffees are prepared as microlots and highlight our particular Cerrado Mineiro terroir, with its distinctive microclimate and soil characteristics. Standouts at cupping tables! Unique coffees best when prepared by filter methods but extremely versatile as single origin and espresso blend components.