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WAKE UP AND SMELL THE MOSES – Enjoy the aroma of liberty and the euphoria of Exodus with The Moses Roast. Aptly named, every cup inspires freedom and every ground bean leads to the Promised Land.

ROAST BOAST MOST TOAST HOST – A dark roast of expertly roasted small-batch coffee beans, this blend of Sumatra, Monsoon Malabar and Brazil Single Origin will have you boasting and freely toasting life.

GROUND CONTROL, GROUND SUPPORT – The Moses Roast comes already ground to enjoy in espresso, French Press, or pour over. No need to hassle with messy grinders. Simply boil water and dance on the holy ground.
WHOLE BEAN, WHOLLY CHOSEN – Whole beans ensure whole flavor, without compromising freshness. Just pour the desired amount into your favorite coffee grinder, vroom to desired consistency, and luxuriate.

TASTING NOTES, FLAVOR PROFILE – Smooth taste reminiscent of leadership balanced by massive hints of humility and undercurrents of sea-splitting wonder. Might this Joe be a miracle of biblical proportions?

YOU’VE BEAN CHOSEN – The Chosen Bean believes in wonders and miracles. Our brand celebrates a tradition of excellence, where every single bean is chosen for its unique contribution to the cup of life.

It’s time to split the sea and spill the beans: The Moses Roast is downright liberating! Be a slave no more to mediocre coffee. Set your taste buds free and let your Morning Joe go to the Promised Land so that it may serve a higher cup. A dark roast of smooth flavor and complex notes of chocolate caramel, The Moses Roast’s earthiness reflects a heavenly disposition. Freshly packaged whole beans seal in maximum flavor and uncompromising taste. Simply pour desired amount of The Moses Roast beans into your favorite coffee grinder, and vroom to your desired consistency. Delicious in your brewing method of choice, be it classic, espresso, French Press, pour over, or some other fancy artisanal method you’ve invented. The Chosen Bean inspires you to raise your cup to life, liberty, and the pursuit of java happiness.

  • THE INTERNET’S FRESHEST K-CUPS The only K-Cups that are roasted, packaged and shipped on the same day, combining the experience of premium coffee with the convenience of a K-Cup
  • MORE JOE FOR YOUR CUP - Unlike the paper filters used by other K-Cup brands, our pleated polypropylene filters do not absorb any flavor, enabling the full flavor profile of artisan crafted beans. Patent-pending DeepBrew design allows up to 50% more coffee for a richer brew and a larger mug
  • FAIR TRADE AND ORGANIC Our coffees are all Fair Trade certified. The Chosen Bean works with the Ketiara Cooperative in Medan, Sumatra and proudly uses only organic ingredients
  • TAKE NOTE OF THESE NOTES This delicious Sumatra roast holds notes of cedar, molasses and dark chocolate with a finishing aroma of maple syrup
  • 99.95% RECYCLABLE Combine your care for the environment with your passion for coffee. While other K-Cups only have recyclable cups, our K-Cups use the same #5 recyclable polypropylene for the lid and filter as well, making the entire K-Cup recyclable