Cold Brew Brewing Pitcher

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The Cold Brew Starter Kit

Upgrade your at-home coffee game with our Cold Brew Brewing Pitcher! Designed for effortless cold brewing, this pitcher features a built-in filter that ensures a smooth, sediment-free brew, and an airtight lid to keep your coffee fresh for days. With a 1-liter capacity, it's perfect for making enough cold brew to last all day. Plus, it's easy to clean and for a limited time we are including a 12oz bag of our Signature Cold Brew Blend. Order now and we will include a discount coupon and special discount of 15% off your next coffee purchase. Get ready to enjoy barista-quality cold brew from the comfort of your own home!

We suggest using a ratio of 4oz of cold brew grinds to 22oz of water. It is approximately 1/3 of a regular 12oz size bag of coffee to a standard 24oz French Press. This will produce a concentrate and we suggest pouring the cold brew over a strainer and double straining with a paper towel folded up. This will result in a concentration which you can mix with water at 1:1 or 1:2 ration. Enjoy over ice and add milk and syrup to adjust taste to your preference.