Abraham Mocha Java

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We combine coffee beans from the worlds top regions and roast this blend to a light roast. If you don't like it, we will give you your money back!! This is one of the best blend you will have ever tasted guaranteed! The perfect blend to serve when guests arrive. The Chosen Bean's unique blend is a light, lively coffee that still offers a mouthful of flavor. It's a tasty, balanced coffee that you can drink all day long. Expect a bright flavor with a backdrop of velvety-smooth perfection fit to be served at Abraham's tent. Abraham was the inn keeper extraordinaire. He knew that to spread the good word he had to keep his guest focused and relaxed. This is that very same blend that he would brew and share with friends and strangers alike. This is the time-honored meeting between Arabian, Yemen Mocha and Java Estate coffees for the world's oldest and most famous blend in all of its original glory! Expect full-bodied, earthy, chocolate overtones that enhance Java's rich, complex flavor.