The Passion of the Bean


Welcome to The Passion of the Bean


Your Coffee.
Your way.


Schedule a call with the Roastmaster and discover your personal coffee blend.


How it works.


It starts with a chat.

You pick a time on the calendar that works best for you. Our Roastmaster Moshe will call you at that time and have a little chat about your coffee preferences. Once the Roastmaster gets to know you a little better, he'll be able to make expert recommendations for your perfect coffee package.


Next, we'll set you up.

Once you've decided on your coffee preferences and schedule, we'll set you up so you can receive your coffee fix on the schedule you choose. No more early-morning dashes to the store to pick up emergency beans. You'll be covered from now on.


Mix it. Match it. One up it. Double it down.

You're never locked in to one coffee choice. You can easily manage your subscription and make any changes to it from inside your account. We'll send out an email a few days before your new coffee fix goes out so you can make any changes or cancel at any time.