Our small size allows me to avoid getting trapped into buying commercial grades of coffee beans.  That means that i never have large stacks of sacks that I always have to me moving.  I have the luxury of being  more selective and claim only the beans that satisfy my taste and demanding requirements.   Not every bean can be a Chosen Bean and Every offering that I make follows through with that claim.  If I am selling them than they damn well better be a cut above the norm. Every month, I make a special selection from another region or another country.  This entails countless sample roasts looking for that Chosen Bean to offer to my subscribers. beans. I keep this selection at a fixed price and often tend to give my  subscribers bonuses along the way.  Its just one more way of sharing my passion with you.

I invite you join this tribe and enjoy our coffee journey each month.

The beans are packed in air tight bags and shipped Whole Bean to our subscribers - maintaining exceptional freshness. The subscription includes shipping and you will receive a 12oz bag of this fine coffee.


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