The Creation Of The Blend

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The creation of a blend is kind of like an artist mixing colors on a palette to create that special color or the chef who is mixing ingredients together, each ingredient is tasteful but even better when mixed.  There are certain questions, or shall I say selections, that have to be made to put the pieces of the puzzle together to deliver the final blend which is the greater sum total of the unique parts.

In order for me to create a blend for you there will be a few questions that I will ask you to answer.  Let’s start out with a very simple question. 

What type of ROAST  do you typically like to drink?  Each choice will have an effect on what the finished product will be. 

What type of BASE do you want in your blend.

What type of AROMA do you want?  By this term I mean what describes the aroma of the brew?  Is it caramel, a candy, carbon (if you like very dark roasts) or perhaps chocolate, fruit, floral, rich round and spicy.

What type of ACIDITY do you enjoy.  Acidity in coffee is not to be confused with acidic foods in fact coffee is considered as being neutral in acid.  it is the taste that it leaves on your palette. Let’s think Raspberry, Orange, Lime, and Grapefruit and their intensities.

What type of SWEETNESS would like? One a scale of 1, being none and 5 being like sugar.

What type of BODY do you enjoy?  Body is that feeling that you kind of get on your tongue when you take a sip of you brew, That is assuming that you allow it to cool a bit otherwise you won’t taste a thing since you just burnt your tongue.

Finally we come to the last question and that is............................

What type of FLAVOR would you enjoy? By this I mean when all of the above selections are answered and put together what will the total impression that you would want?  It can be like a spice, fruit, nut, or chocolate notes.

Answer each of the questions and you will be on your way to having your bag of your own special blend.  See how easy it was?

Here is the best part.  Your blend will be named for you and it will be listed on our site so you can always order it again.  Even better is that our other customers can sample your creation and likewise you will be able to try theirs too.