The Chosen Bean Decaf Cold Brew Coffee Beans

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Who said that you need a degree in chemistry to know what was used to make your decaf coffee a drinkable beverage?  Who said that you need to comprise drinking decaf coffee and sacrifice the unique flavor profiles of the bean?  Like any of my coffees , it's not about where the bean is from alone.  It is always about the passion that went into its growth and same dedication from the Swiss Water Corporation who takes so much pride in their healthy and chemical free process.  The end result will be a superb  and tasteful cup of coffee every time.

  • We use ONLY Swiss Water Process Decaf beans sourced from the best locations and delivered with the finest pure taste
  • Specially designed grind for cold brew - extra coarse, larger than French Press. This is the same coffee we use for our decaf cold brew
  • For ideal taste brew for over 16 hours
  • Each cold brewing device is unique so make sure to adjust to taste
  • This blend is made from specialty coffees and roasted for the smoothest taste

We suggest using a ratio of 4oz of cold brew grinds to 22oz of water. It is approximately 1/3 of a regular 12oz size bag of coffee to a standard 24oz French Press. This will produce a concentrate and we suggest pouring the cold brew over a strainer and double straining with a paper towel folded up. This will result in a concentrate which you can mix with water at 1:1 or 1:2 ration. Enjoy over ice and add milk and syrup to adjust taste to your preference.

Enjoy and please feel free to share your recipes to be included on this page.