Moses Dark Roast

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This is my original roast which launched The Chosen Bean. I always enjoyed a dark roast and was not satisfied with the coffees I found locally. A friend generously offered to teach me how to roast coffee and thus began the development of my original coffee blend. 

Naming the coffee after myself, the Moses (a.k.a. Moshe) was natural and when thinking about who I was named after, the biblical Moses, I began to dream up images of myself carrying coffee instead of tablets to give the world the best coffee possible. One thing led to another and before you know it, I had designed art for coffee bags, bought a larger roaster and began selling my signature roast. 

Ever since that time, I have been faithfully roasting and tasting coffees from all over the world to give my "tribe" something special and delicious. The Moses Dark Roast coffee is a blend of single origin coffees from Sumatra, Brazil & India. Each bean is selected for its unique characteristics and small batch roasted, ensuring the taste is strong, flavorful and doesn't have a burnt aftertaste.  Best of all, I ship it to you fresh from the roaster, so fresh that your mouth will water when you smell the bag.  This is coffee the the way it is meant to be, "The Chosen Bean" way for you the chosen person who has selected my craft.