Laos Xam Tai Natural

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Let me give you the low down on my new “Passion Of The Bean” selection.  How do you measure passion? Picture a few farmers in the Xamtai district of Houaphan provice joining together to sell coffee as a sustainable cash crop. After nearly 20 years, they had all but given up on their hope. Nestled in a very remote corner of northeastern Laos, villages saw season after season come and go without anyone knowing their coffee farms even existed. In 2015 however, after getting wind of some coffee farming villages in the region, Yuni Coffee Co. made some exploratory trips and found these 'forgotten coffee' farms. Since that time, Yuni Coffee Co. has established a permanent presence in the region bringing new confidence and hope to coffee farmers. New coffee crops are now being planted and coffee-growing communities are excited about what the future holds as their coffee hits the world market for the first time.

It's rare that a coffee comes along and makes me go totally bonkers for it's taste but here is one that does.   I challenge you to look around and see if you will see this on the shelves of a store anyplace in the USA.  I'll save you some time and tell you here and now that you will not find it.   I was only able to get one sack of this and there just is no more.  It's a high scoring coffee and it is well worth the price that i am offering it for.  This is first come first serve and it will not be available for long.   I invite you and encourage you to try a bag of this very limited offer.


Tasting Notes -  Creamy with abundant tropical fruit notes

Location Houaphan Province, Xam Tai District, Nala Village

Altitude 800 - 1,100 masl

Varieties  Mixed

Process - Natural