K-Cups Assortment Box- 12 Count

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Our coffee is sourced from small farms, high altitudes, beautiful solid and large coffee beans from growers who are as passionate about their coffee as we are and who believe in the greater good, taking care of their fellow man and the earth around them. These coffee beans are 100% Arabica specialty beans and have a score based on Aroma, Taste, Flavor and other factors resulting in a score above 84 points.  We hand-roasted this coffee in small batches using our top of the line Loring Roaster.  We grind and package our K-cups

The results of our careful selection is a smooth coffee bursting with flavor and a sweet aroma. This coffee doesn't taste char or burnt. Our assortment pack combines natural and wet processed coffees. This assortment pack has (2) Brazil, (2) Guatemala (2) Moses Blend (2) Abraham Blend (2) Sumatra and (2) Ethiopia