Guatemala - The Chosen Bean Origin

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Diego, walked into our office over a year ago, introducing himself to us as a coffee grower from Guatemala. He offered us a sample of his beans, told us a little about how they cultivate their produce and left.

We tried his sample and it was very good. 

We called him back and ordered a sack. Diago pulled into our parking lot, threw the sack over his shoulder and brought it down inside our warehouse, next to our roaster. 

Diego is extremely passionate about the environment and has taken his company through the Organic certification process and like us, is a craftsman. He is constantly working on different methods to improve his coffees as well as help those farms around his. 

The water for the processing of the coffee is fresh from the mountains on which is farm lays. The stream begins near his fields, giving him the freshest, cleanest possible water. His mother, who really calls the shots runs the farm in Guatemala where they work to improve the lives of the people who live in the villages around them.