Colombia -- Caldas -- Microlot - by Mrs. Lucia Parda

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Colombia -- Caldas -- Microlot 

  1. CLASSY CUP OF COLUMBIA – This Colombian coffee bean is grown in the Caldas region by Mrs. Lucia Parda. The personal care and love results in a specialty coffee. Enjoy your Chosen cup of joe and smile.

  1. THE ROAST WITH THE MOST – A light medium roast, the Caldas Microlot is softly kissed with a flame whisper in our custom Roastery. Handpicked for expert roasting, each of our beans is The Chosen Bean.

  2. GROUND CONTROL, GROUND SUPPORT – The Columbian Caldas Microlot is already ground to enjoy in espresso, French Press or pour over. Forget complicated grinders. Just boil water to brew this holy ground.

  3. TASTING NOTES, FLAVOR PROFILE – First your nose captures a sweet floral aroma. Then the great body begins to unfold with notes of clementine, tangerine and fruits. The motif is sweetly floral honey.

  4. YOU’VE BEAN CHOSEN – The Chosen Bean believes in wonders and miracles. Our brand celebrates a tradition of excellence, where every single bean is chosen for its unique contribution to the cup of life.

After you experience The Chosen Bean you can proudly exclaim: Bean there, done that. Like all great pleasures, The Caldas Microlot coffee bean of Columbia makes you smile in bliss and sigh with satisfaction. A light medium roast of hand chosen beans, this coffee has been personally cultivated in the ripe climate of Columbia by Mrs. Lucia Parda. Freshly packaged  beans seal in maximum flavor and convenience. Simply use desired amount of Chosen beans with your favorite application, be it classic, espresso, French Press, pour over, or some other fancy artisanal method you’ve invented. With free will and free spirit, The Chosen Bean inspires you to raise your cup to life, liberty, and the pursuit of java happiness.