Gold Flour Coffee

Last time we posted about flour, it was the invention of a company using the outer fruit of the coffee bean and churning it into flour. This is a new process of turning actual coffee beans into a "flo…
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Affogato is an espresso based desert/drink where you pour a shot of espresso over ice cream. Now, I know, this is totally out of season for most of the USA....however, we are in Florida and you are al…
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Fake Coffee

Yup, that simple. Bottom line: Watch what you consume and live a long healthy life.
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Newest French Press $150!

Yes, that's right, the price is $150 for the newest French Press coffee maker. A regular French Press can be purchased for under $20. So what makes this French Press so special?Check it out from…
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Follow Up - Home Roasting

A few months back we posted an article about a competition to create an easy device for home roasting. The results are in and they have come up with some cool products....which actually may see the li…
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