What is a Latte?

Milk Coffee is not so popular, however you may be familiar with the "Latte" which is so popular at most coffee shops. Some Barista's will make a heart, flower or even something extremely creative like a picture of Marilyn Monroe. 

A Latte originates in Europe where they combined an espresso with milk and the term caffelatte is used. An 8 Oz. cup is generally used and filled with a single shot of espresso filled with steamed milk and 1/2 inch of foamed milk. The drink is similar to cappuccino and an Australian "flat white".   

In Europe, especially Italy, many people make the latte at home, while in the USA, most consumers will purchase a latte at a coffee shop. 

Interestingly, the latte is such a classy drink that some commentators have used the term "Latte Drinker" to describe high society who are out of touch with reality (don't worry, we won't judge you). 

Latte art has become really common, as can be seen on Instagram, with all the beautiful photos people have posted of their art. There are specific users who collect and promote this form of art, as the primary focus of their accounts. Throughout the world, this has become more popular and continues to grow.

The next time you order a latte, you will know that this is simply a sophisticated way of asking for milk coffee.