How Hard Did We Get Hit By Hurricane Irma

How Hard Did We Get Hit By Irma?

Surviving a hurricane is an experience. The Preparation to ensure our warehouse survived storm surge, flying cars and busted roofs was intense. All coffee sacks needed to be raised, equipment covered and doorways shuttered.
Thankfully, the warehouse escaped untouched.

Unfortunately the power is down and we are unable to fulfill any orders at the moment. This leaves us to wait, without any clue as to when the power will be turned back on.

One thing we can assure you: Once the power is back on, we will crank up the roasters and start churning out some of the finest specialty coffee you have ever tasted.

This coffee is a special edition. It is a survival batch. A batch of coffee which survived a hurricane. There is no more powerful coffee than that.
What can you do?

Visit our website and BUY a bag of coffee (or a few bags), this will help us with capital while we weather this storm and as soon as the power is up, we will be able to roast these special beans and ship them to you.