Anonymous Drop Off

Cant give most of the details...but this was crazy! For the longest time I have wanted to get my hands on some coffee from a certain country which its almost impossible to get. Someone dropped this off at my door...and to my horror I discovered why we ALWAYS buy high quality coffee and reference check all our suppliers even direct trade...

What you will see below was DISPOSED and NEVER came in contact with any of our equipment and was not brought into our roasting facility. 

Check out the photos for yourself:

Wanted to compare beans with 2 others - The albino is from Malambar India, these beans are aged and have a milder taste because of that, while the green is a Panamanian coffee bean and the multi color is the special package. 

A close up shot shows the high amount of rotten beans mixed in.

I picked some out just to show you what was mixed into this batch, rotten beans, coffee berry husks and probably some twigs - DISGUSTING!....but see gets worse.

Suddenly I find a small bug....THIS BUG IS A COFFEE MURDERER WORLDWIDE....yes, when the price of coffee goes up, its because of this bug, its called a Coffee Borer Beetle and eats up entire crops of coffee and can mean financial ruin for a coffee farmer. This is the reason they use pest control (you can buy organic pest controls too) because otherwise you will lose your entire crop. 

In summary, this is why we go to the end of the world for the best quality coffee, we want to ensure that what The Chosen Bean produces is always 100% high quality without any compromise. What we say it is, is what you drink. Knowing the farmers, the growers, the source of the beans is so important. This may not impact taste, but it does enter your body and for one, I want to keep my body healthy and that is the only thing we will provide our customers...too long life and health!