110 Million Dollars of Kenyan Coffee Smuggled This Year

Kenyan coffee is full bodied and has an intense flavor, it is also a prime target for smugglers. According to the Kenyan government, there has been rampant theft of coffee worth an estimated 10 Billion shillings ($110 Million USD) this year, involving security personnel, officials and other bigwigs.  

The ultimate victim of these thefts are the farmers who are losing millions of dollars due to these illegal exports by cartels. The cartels use the borders of Uganda and Tanzania to smuggle the coffee and sell it on the international market. Rural factories, producing Arabica coffee have seen raids on their facilities due to the weak security and lack of enforcement. With fake delivery documents, the smugglers make it impossible for law enforcement to seize their cargo. 

Every bean has a story and it is important to know where it came from and how it gets to your cup. At The Chosen Bean we make it our missions to ensure the beans we purchase are coming through legal means and support the farmers.