100% Jamaica Blue Mountain 8 oz Gift Tin

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I always keep some Jamaica Blue Mountain around to  take  care of special requests.  Right now what I have on hand is really a cut above a bean that is already great, I have pea berry.  Pea berry is an unusual occurrence in which the coffee cherry only has one seed inside rather that the normal two.   JBM (Jamaica Blue Mountain) coffee is one of the most desired coffees and the where the beans consistently taste amazing on every level - aroma, flavor, taste and aftertaste. It is a phenomenal tasting coffee and really special. Each bag contains 12 ounces of this delicious coffee and we suggest selecting whole bean and grinding each cup worth right before you are ready to drink your cup of java.  I suggest getting it in whole bean as it will maintain its quality far longer but If you would rather i grind it for you, it would be my pleasure. 

Enjoy the cup!