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We are way too excited about this one to keep it a complete secret, but we are in the midst of developing a pronominal coffee that tastes so good it makes your toes tingle and is a hazard to drink while driving. 

We gave it to a few people to taste, smell or just told them about it and here is some of their feedback:

"Wow, leave it here - do you have more of this?"
"What is this? It smells like it has caramel in it"
"Huh? What is this stuff? Yea...oh, interesting, do you think it will taste good" - blank stare - punched this one in the face....don't be like him....
"Can I get a sample?" - Yes, for $20

You get the point. So here's the deal. We will have some ready in the next 2 weeks and can only take a limited amount of orders, so if you want to be part of the first group of people to try this unique coffee, please contact us or place an order right away under the item titled "top secret"