Swiss Water Colombia Decaf

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Who said that you need a degree in chemistry to know what was used to make your decaf coffee a drinkable beverage?  Who said that you need to compromise when drinking decaf coffee and sacrifice the unique flavor profiles of the bean?  Like any of my coffees , it's not about where the bean is from alone.  It is always about the passion that went into its growth and same dedication from the Swiss Water Corporation who takes so much pride in their healthy and chemical free process.  The end result will be a superb  and tasteful cup of coffee every time.

The Colombia Decaf Origin is one of the great and most popular beans.  Colombian coffee is known  a consistent coffee experience. These 100% Arabica coffee beans have a flavor that is absolutely superb with a heavy aroma, a rich flavor and a great balance of acidity and body. I select coffees that come from small finca's (farms) and get special attention from the farmers

Our coffee is roast-to-order so rest assured that you will be getting a great taste experience in every bag.  That's part of the passion of the bean.