Finca San Juan Colombia Yellow Bourbon Micro Lot Coffee

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Cupping Notes: Strong chocolate grape, cinnamon, winey, sweet round cedar, orange tea.

Cupping Score: 86.5

Caffe Postal, owned and managed by Jorge Correa, in the Caldas region of Colombia is located right beside the Nevado del Ruiz (a snow capped volcano) that is responsible for the area's volcanic soil. As the snow melts and flows down the mountain it serves the surrounding municipalities with fresh untouched water; this is the water that the bourbon is washed in. 

 The farm is organized into 3 plots totaling (160 hectares). The specific farm plot that the Yellow Bourbon is grown on is called San Juan. The yellow bourbon is washed in fresh mountain water and machine dried using parchment paper. The bourbon is grown at 1650 meters above sea level.

 The farm is part of the Alliance of farmers and takes a unique direct approach to exporting where the farmer retains ownership of their coffee until the point of sale, eliminating the middlemen and keeping the coffee fresher.