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8oz bag of cascara tea.


CASCARA:LAS LAJAS - CASCARA PERLA NEGRA THE CUP This tea has the flavors apricot marmalade, apple chips, and honey - an exquisite example of coffee cherry tea. Cascara is one of those quirky products that most people outside of the barista bubble probably aren’t familiar with. Simply put, cascara is dried coffee cherry skin with the slightest bit of residual fruit clinging to it. A cascara revival of sorts is among us, with an assortment of new beverages hitting café/coffee shop menus by the handful. This is exciting! Coffee cherries go through a pulping machine colloquially referred to as a “pulper”, popping the seeds out of their skin. The skin and its’ sweet-tart fruit are discarded to the compost heap with little to no thought given to them. The prize (and the money) is in the seed of the cherry. This has not always been the case, and in some of the oldest coffee producing countries in the world, is still not the case. There is a long history of cascara being used as an ingredient all to itself. After all, we’ve all heard the ancient myth of our cherry chewing goat-herder friend. In Yemen, one of the oldest coffee growing origins, there is a tea called Qisher that is made from the dried cherry skin. When coffee is dry processed, the skin (husk) along with the tightly clinging fruit, is removed. It can be reconstituted in water. The dried husks are ground, much like coffee, into a powder and added to hot water. Often times other spices are added to compliment the beverage as we see in traditional Qisher recipes. We would love to share with you what we have found works well with cascara! Cascara Tea: 1 gram of Cascara to 1 ounce of water Steep for 5 minutes, or to desired strength This recipe is very open. We have found that you can steep cascara for as long as you want, and it will only increase in strength, without off flavors developing. So, have fun! Feel free to turn your timers off. Cascara Cider: 2.5 oz. cascara tea 2 oz. mulling spice tea* ¾ oz. simple syrup Garnish with orange zest Serve hot in your favorite mug *steep mulling spices in hot water to make Iced Cascara and Citrus Cider: 2 oz. cascara tea 1 oz. mulling spice tea ½ oz. fresh squeezed grape fruit juice* ¾ oz. simple syrup Combine ingredients in a cocktail shaker, add large ice cubes, and shake rigorously for about 10 seconds. This drink can be served over ice or in a chilled glass. To simplify, add ingredients to a pint glass, stir to incorporate the simple, add ice. *Other citrus juice can be subbed. Chilled Cascara and Ginger: 3 oz cascara tea, brewed strong into a concentrate and chilled 1/8 oz fresh squeezed lemon juice ½ teaspoon fresh ginger juice ½ oz muscavado simple syrup Combine in pint glass. Stir ingredients. Add Ice to the rim. Top the drink with soda water an gently stir. Cascara and Juniper Mocktail: 10 juniper berries 3 oz. cascara tea ¼ teaspoon or about 5 drops of fresh ginger juice 1/8 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice ½ oz. simple syrup Muddle the juniper berries in a cocktail shaker*. Combine remaining ingredients, and stir before adding ice. Fill shaker with large ice cubes. Shake rigorously for 10-15 seconds. Serve over ice.